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Henryetta’s Three Amigas – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Impact rehab and Wellness Okmulgee

It all began when they were just four or five years old on a little T-ball team called the Sweet Peas where Avery Miller, Katelyn ‘Kat’ Dwiggns, and Kasedi Gobin first started playing softball together. Since Avery didn’t live in Henryetta at the time, they only played together in the summer. But she moved in the eighth grade and now they are all together in their senior year getting ready for their last go-round of high school softball this spring. They’ve been to the state softball tournament three times in three-and-half-years and coach Ryan Swallow can’t help but smile as he talked about them.

“Avery is our pitcher in fast pitch and plays third base in slow pitch and she’s a wall over there. Offensively, she’s great (a .713 average with 22 homers and 82 RBIs last year) so I have to protect her in the lineup, so she doesn’t get walked all the time. ‘Kat’ is our pitcher in slow pitch. She throws the ball higher than anyone I’ve ever had and her cat-like (pardon the pun) reflexes make her a great defensive player. Kasedi has been our second baseman and is our best defender and she’ll probably be at shortstop this year. She’s strong enough offensively that I use her to protect Avery in the batting order to prevent intentional walks.”

Each of the girls reflected on special moments in their decade-plus relationship.

“A special time for me was when we won the state championship in 12-and-under,” said Katelin. “Being the catcher for Avery in fast pitch has helped me as a pitcher in slow pitch because I see what that responsibility is like.”

For Avery, spending time off the diamond with her friends is important whether it’s just hanging out or watching a game somewhere. Her special moment was more recent.

“I think a memory I’ll have is in the last inning of our last fast pitch game this fall when we all got together on the infield and just shared a moment knowing it would be our last in that sport.”

Kasedi’s special moment went back a couple of years.

“I remember a fun game at the Prague tournament a couple of years ago. We all hit good, and we were loud in the dugout and just going crazy”. 

All three have at least tentative plans down the line. Avery is still weighing her options for college at this point. ‘Kat’ plans on attending OSU-IT and study nursing and Kasedi is off to play softball at Rose State. 

“It’s really hard knowing I’m going to college, and I won’t play with them anymore,” said Kasedi. “It’s been a really strong bond and like having sisters I’ve never had before.”

But before that, the three amigas will enjoy the rest of the basketball season together and then hit the diamond for the final time in the spring.

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