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Okmulgee’s Victoria James – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Mabrey Bank

Teammates can play a big role in the development and success of an athlete. Not only do they compete alongside them on the field or court, but they also work together in practice and push each other to be their best. Victoria James is a multisport athlete for the Okmulgee Bulldogs and she says that no matter if they win or not, her teammates are her friends. 

“I think the highlight of both of my sports is that no matter win, lose, or draw, I can bond with my teammates at the end of every game,” she said. “I think this is my highlight because not everyone can get along with their teammates and bond with them like siblings. I also enjoy working with my teammates in practice, but I also really enjoy playing against the freshmen. I enjoy playing them because they have the drive to want to take a upper-classman’s spot. They leave everything out on the floor like they have a point to prove.”

James is a junior at Okmulgee where she is a member of the softball and basketball teams. She says that being a successful athlete at any sport requires more than just showing up and playing. 

“It takes a lot of hard work,” she said. “You have to have the drive to want to be better than all of your competitors. You also have to be focused not only on your sports, but your school work also. My motivation to continually work hard is my determination to strive for success. Also, my family and friends that have supported me and been there for me are a big motivation as well.”

When it comes to competing, Victoria and her teammates will face whoever they come up against. But she does say that there are some victories that are a little bit sweeter.
“I wouldn’t say that there is one opponent that I enjoy beating,” she said. “It feels good winning anytime, but I do enjoy beating our county teams. I think I enjoy beating them because it has always been a rivalry seeing who the best team in the county is. I think Okmulgee sports has come a long way and we have a lot to prove coming up to on my senior year.”

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