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Muskogee Softball Spotlight – Peyton Jackson – Presented by Broadway Manor Healthcare Center

With a smile on her face, Peyton Jackson was quick to admit her favorite movie while quoting one of the well-known lines from the Academy Award winning film. 

“My favorite movie is definitely Forrest Gump…Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,” the Muskogee sophomore said with a grin and a laugh. “You have to be ready for whatever happens, whether you’re playing softball or just life in general.” 

Being game ready whenever you step across the lines to compete is part of why Jackson enjoys playing softball and handling her current position at third base for the Roughers. 

“The hot-corner is called that for a reason. Playing third base requires a bulldog mentality to stay focused on every pitch and fast hands to react to the ball off the bat.” 

Having played softball since the age of five, Jackson rarely puts down her glove or bat trying to improve her performance with year-round competition including travel ball with the Tulsa Eagles in addition to wearing the number-2 jersey in the Roughers lineup. 

“It helps me stay in shape and keeps me focused on becoming a better player,” Jackson said with confidence. 

Whether she’s playing third base, taking her turn in the circle pitching or playing left field, Jackson strives to follow in the footsteps of a former teammate as a leader, both on and off the field. 

“Karsyn York was our leader last year, a true game-changer. Not only did she work hard, she was always an encourager,” replied Jackson. “That includes holding yourself and your teammates accountable to do the right thing and still supporting and being uplifting in any situation.” 

The versatility of Jackson draws praise from her coach, Mark Dicus. 

“Peyton does a good job at any position she’s asked to play. She’s a good kid that values hard work,” said the Muskogee coach. “Peyton is a good teammate who is willing to step up and do whatever is needed.” 

The commitment of Peyton Jackson is another example of doing things the Muskogee Way and defining the name on the front of her jersey. 

“Wearing the Rougher green and white includes always doing the right thing for your family and your team. When you do things the right way more times than not, things will work out for the good.” 

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