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Muskogee’s Logan Ridley – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Muskogee CAN

Time…regardless of an individual’s age or responsibilities, having more time is always in demand. Logan Ridley, a junior at Muskogee High School continues to prove that time management is a key to success.

A member of the Roughers golf team and leader of the school’s FFA chapter, Ridley is both logical and hard working in his drive to win in all walks of his daily “to do” list; but admits his commitment to punctuality is what makes the difference.

“From morning ‘til night, being punctual is my constant aim. If you start on time things get done on time and you get more things done in the long run.”

As president of the Muskogee FFA chapter, Ridley invests a minimum of three hours daily attending to his animals where he continues to achieve winning results.

“This year, I’ve had the grand champion pig at the local show and breed champion at the Muskogee County and Muskogee Regional events as well as a fourth-place finish at the Muskogee County cattle grading competition,” said Ridley explaining his interest with FFA. “I chose to get involved in the FFA for pig showing then realized how much more there is to it.”

In addition to the focus of handling his classroom assignments and maintaining a 3.9 GPA, Ridley commits whatever time is necessary to improve his talents on the golf course.

“In golf it is the pursuit of the perfect swing. That takes time and experience to respond to the conditions and competition,” confirmed Ridley who qualified for the Class 6A state tournament in 2021 after being first introduced to golf by his grandparents at age 13.

According to Ridley, both golf and FFA require top-level mental control.

“The two overlap especially with the demand for mental control. When you’re in the show ring or competition you have to have complete control of your mind and laser focus just like golf.”

Like many high school age students, Ridley uses social media to his advantage.

“Because I’m a learner and always looking up how things work, for advice or just random facts my favorite app is YouTube,” explained Ridley whose future career plans include going to a trade school and becoming an electrician. “Instagram is my favorite media. I’m a golf club junkie and like to see what everyone has in their bags.”

Acknowledging the influence of his dad, Ridley strives to prove the importance of making character count on his daily scorecard.

“My dad raised me in the upright honest Christian ways for which I’m extremely grateful,” Ridley said with a touch to his heart. “I hear my dad’s advice ‘always do the right thing regardless’ when I’m faced with a tough decision. I try to be the same person I am around my parents as around anyone else because acting the same no matter who’s around keeps people honest and truthful with each other and proves a person’s character.”

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