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Beggs’ Heiress Hicks – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Excel Therapy

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” – John Wooden

A four-year member of the Lady Demons basketball team, Heiress Hicks welcomes the opportunities for change…on the court as well as in everyday life.

“I’m not a quitter, no matter the score, you play hard until the buzzer sounds,” said the Beggs senior and a starter in the lineup for the girls’ basketball team. “That’s how I approach every practice, every game and everyday in life. You always have a choice, so why not make things better for others as well as yourself.”

When she’s wearing the number-00 jersey, Hicks gets her rewards playing defense.

“It’s not probably the most popular thing for most players, but forcing turnovers is what I know that I do best so that we can win games,” explained the 2022 senior. “It just reinforces how I define the importance of character in my life. Just do the right thing even when it’s not the most popular thing.”

Hicks’ willingness to adapt to change has impressed her new basketball coach.

“Heiress was forced to play point guard last year which didn’t allow her to be her best on the floor,” explained head coach Denise Gray, now in her first year at the helm of the Beggs program. “Because of her attitude and work ethic, she welcomed change and made herself a better player and a leader by example for the other girls on the team.”

According to Hicks, who stands only 5-foot-6, it’s all part of making things better.

“Basketball, like life, requires anticipation,” said Hicks, who enjoys the defensive side of basketball to create change and positive results. “You have to know your assignments. Just watch a person’s eyes and think one step ahead of the opponent and you can make good things happen.”

For Hicks, it’s an approach that she’s learned by the lifelong example of a family member.

“My brother, Eagle Hicks, has shown me the value of hard work. He’s always pushed himself to be better by helping those around him have a better day.”

In addition to posting a 3.78 GPA, Heiress was chosen by her peers as Homecoming Queen during the football season. She also enjoys the opportunity to share the good news about Beggs High School as a member of the Demon Weekly News.

“We get to do interviews with a lot of students and teachers, players and coaches,” said Hicks. “And if you don’t already know it, there’s plenty of good news to share.”

Following high school, Hicks plans to pursue a career as a dermatologist.

“It’s another chance for me to do what I enjoy most by doing something for others to make their lives better.” 

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