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Football Spotlight: Muskogee’s Jayden Bell – Presented by Monica Medley Century 21

Rougher football has many well-known greats among its storied past. Familiar family names include Burris, Littrell, Freeman, Jefferson, Burroughs and Bell including current senior wide receiver Jayden Bell, who began spending time on the gridiron when he was in the third grade as a member of the Muskogee Roughers team competing in the Indian Nations Football Conference.

“Football and especially Roughers football is something special in our house,” Jayden said with a smile. “My uncle Glen won a state championship and made his own level as one of the best ever to play here. My dad (Tyrone) played here and ran track. But as for me and my brother Bryson, who also played receiver, it goes back and forth for bragging rights. Recently, I’ve got the upper hand on who’s the best.”

Last year, the youngest of the Bell foursome turned nine of his 50 receptions into touchdowns while logging 988 yards receiving as Muskogee’s primary target. Entering his third year as a starter in the Roughers lineup, Jayden hopes to use his experience to a bigger advantage.

“Now after three years, I can look at the safety or cornerback and use a little mental strategy to get open and then just sometimes just shift into gear and run past the guy.”

The offensive productivity and athletic talents also give Jayden the chance to play on the defensive side of the football.

“Because of my receiver experience, I know what the other guy is thinking and can predict the route based upon their splits or first few steps and then just go win the battle.”

Rougher coaches welcome the efforts of Bell, defining the 5-foot-8, 170-pound competitor as trustworthy, hardworking and reliable-something that Bell doesn’t take for granted.

“I feed off my coaches and teammates’ confidence and try to go out and get the job done everyday,” Bell said with appreciation. “On or off the field, I want everyone to know that if anyone ever needs something, family or friends, I’ll be there for them.”

His approach to creating a positive result is how Jayden defines the importance of good character.

“Character is what you do when no one else is around and how you respond to adversity,” smiled Bell. “When something is not going your way, it’s not time to throw in the towel and argue about it. You have to assess the situation and then come together and conquer the problem.”

Entering the 2022 season, Bell and the Muskogee Roughers will begin playing at their new stadium, Rougher Village, a place where Jayden Bell wants to complete his Rougher journey the same way his uncle did while playing at Indian Bowl by winning the 1986 state championship.

“I’ve been playing football since I was eight years old at Indian Bowl. Now to get the chance to play in our new home is surreal. I want to go out the way Glen did and win the first championship at Rougher Village.”

On the field, in the classroom or in the Muskogee community, Jayden Bell exemplifies the Muskogee Way by his non-stop commitment to go from good to great.

“Whatever is asked, you get it done and you do it with respect and good character. Leave a footprint. Do whatever it takes to leave things better for those who follow.”

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