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 McCurtain’s Sydnie Tackett – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Compassion Home Care

Because I believe I can make a difference and because I believe it 

Then it is something I should do. 

Because it is something I should do, then it is something I will do. 

Never giving up, Never giving in, 

Never swaying…but for a moment 

Because I can. 

Phrases from the “Code of a Champion” are easily spoken but are more challenging to achieve and demand a never-ending commitment to success. For Sydnie Tackett, a junior at McCurtain High School, it’s her everyday approach, whether she’s in the circle or while encountering detours on the highways of everyday life. 

“It’s just what I do, replied Tackett. “I learned my never give up approach thanks to my mom (Cindy). She taught me to keep pushing through any challenge with the confidence that things will get better.” 

Having played softball since she was nine years old, Tackett has found her home in the circle where she’s developed a rotation of pitches that empowers her mindset to retire opposing batters. 

“I’ll throw a drop, change-up and fastball but my go-to-pitch is my curve ball because I can put the ball where I want it. I look the batter in the eye and no way sister are you going to hit this pitch.” 

The extra efforts demonstrated by Tackett, on and off the field draw praise from her coach. 

“She’s so dedicated, willing to do or at least try anything I ask. She works on her own when others won’t,” said Lady Bulldogs coach Vernon Scarberry. “She’s quiet most of the time but always in a good mood and keeps things loose with her quick wit and jokes.” 

Tackett, who also plays basketball at McCurtain, says it’s about loyalty and leadership to your team. 

“When you say you’re going to do something, then never back down or make an excuse for why you didn’t get the job done,” she emphasized. “Sometimes that includes just trying to make someone smile.” 

To no surprise, Tackett’s favorite softball player is Jocelyn Alo of the University of Oklahoma, whose impact led the Sooners to the NCAA national championship. So every time she wears the McCurtain uniform displaying her favorite number-21 jersey, Sydnie Tackett willingly accepts the opportunity to be a game changer. 

“It’s a privilege to compete with all the other girls on our team. All I want is to do whatever it takes to win.” 

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