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Muskogee Softball Player Spotlight with Kambri Johnson – Presented by Monica Medley Century 21

Since her first experience playing softball, Kambri Johnson has drawn a lot of attention of those watching her team play. Now as a junior at Muskogee High School, she is still making plays that change the outcome of the game with her glove and her bat.

“I was only four years old when I played on my first team. We were called “Knockouts”, recalled the current day first baseman of the Roughers softball team. “When I was younger, I played all over the field including pitching some.”

Today, when looking at his lineup card, Muskogee coach Mark Dicus must decide where to play the multi-talented Johnson.

“Most days, she’ll play first base but Kambri could play and has played almost every position on the field because of her softball ability and understanding of the game,” replied Dicus who begins his second year at Muskogee and his 44th season coaching high school softball.”

On the right side of the infield, Kambri knows she has big responsibilities to make plays with her glove.

“It takes a quick response. I have to read the pitch to see if it’s inside or out to know where the ball is going to be hit,” Johnson explained. “Then I have to move to the bag in a hurry and time the stretch for the catch or dig out the ball skipping off the dirt.”

Wearing the same jersey number-24 as family members that played softball, Kambri continues a family tradition with the bat in her hand. Last year as a sophomore, “Kam Bam” posted a .486 batting average with 22 doubles.

“I got the nickname from my teammates. They said it rhymes and it stuck with me. I like to hit for power so maybe that fits, I guess.”

Describing herself as goofy at times, kind and loving plus reliable, she says there’s another trait the she’s still learning thanks to the influence of her mom (Lani Henry).

“My mom is a do whatever it takes to get the job done right the first time example for me and that’s what I try to do,” Kambri said in appreciation. “Whether that’s with my homework as well as playing softball.”

A lover of pepperoni and bacon pizza, Johnson says her favorite school subject is science. She also admits that no matter the situation, she always plays to win.

“The little games we play, in the locker room as well as at home, I’ve got to win,” Kambri said emphatically. On and off the field, the talents and desire of Kambri Johnson continue to display a desire for success and the willingness to set the example for others to follow and find victory. After all, that’s the Muskogee Way.

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