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Red Oak’s Brad Davis – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Northeastern State University

Photo by NSU Sports Media – Zach Cahill

It’s been a long road for Northeastern State University senior Brad Davis to finally end up as a RiverHawks basketball player.

“I attended high school at Red Oak where we won a state championship in 2016. I didn’t really have the college offer I liked coming out of high school. Scott Edgar at Eastern State gave me a chance and helped shape me to be the player that I am today. Then, I went to an NAIA school for a year that wasn’t really a good fit. When I got the chance to come to Tahlequah, I was ready to not just show up but try to make a difference.” 

So what was it about Northeastern State that drew you to Tahlequah?

“I love the feeling of community. It’s like a big family whether you’re on campus or in town. It’s nice to be able to place a call-in order at a restaurant and have them say ‘this is Brad isn’t it’? Tahlequah is a small town but it’s very nice. There’s a lot to do like going out on the river or the lake or hiking.”

Another thing Davis likes about NSU is the proximity to home.

“I think something I took for granted was being able to play close to the people I love. Whether it was at Eastern or here at NSU, it’s nice to always have eight or ten people in the stands at every home game rooting for you.”

Davis acknowledges the big difference between playing at a small school like Red Oak and then moving to the collegiate level like NSU is the level of competition is always tough. It’s the challenge that drives him to succeed.

“The Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association is a monster to play in. There are a lot of Division I players in this league and it’s a challenge to compete against them every time you step on the floor,” said Davis.

Academically, Davis says the helpful faculty at NSU makes it so easy to be able to succeed.

“The teachers and advisors really want to help and you really have to try to fail here.”

 When he’s not on the basketball court, Davis says being with friends is especially important to him.

“I recently lost a good friend, so I don’t want to take those relationships for granted. We hang out and play video games and watch movies. I also love to duck hunt.”

So you could say that even though it took him a while to get there, Brad Davis is really sold on NSU and playing RiverHawks basketball.

“For prospective students or athletes, I can honestly say I’ve never been around so many people who care about me and my success. It’s the perfect match for me.”

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