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McCurtain’s Katelynn Bond – Athlete Spotlight -Presented By Compassion Home care

What you see is what you get…and when those words are mentioned about Katelynn Bond the results are more than good. 

Standing tall whenever she steps on to the basketball court, the six foot senior post player for the Lady Bulldogs isn’t hard to find. And the results bring a thumbs up from her coach.

“Katelynn is a finesse player who can score inside or out,” said McCurtain coach Bryan Schlekeway. “She’s also an excellent shot blocker which makes us a better team.”

Bond, who has been playing basketball since she was in the second grade, knows it takes more than just being tall to become a successful basketball player.

“I think of it in terms of a person’s character and why it’s important. You show who you truly are when no one is watching,” replied Bond. “As an athlete, that’s important because it is easy to show up to games and play but to commit yourself to put in the work when no one is in the gym shows what kind of athlete you truly are. It goes the same in everyday life.”

Ambitious, trustworthy and honest are words commonly associated with Bond. And according to her coach, these traits are easy to see on and off the court.

“She’s an excellent kid who knows the importance of hard work,” said Schlekeway. “Kate’s a straight A student. She lives on a ranch and can handle her chores as well as anybody else.”

Bond, who plans on becoming a veterinarian, confirms that honesty is the best policy.

“Honesty is what’s most important to me, so I want you to just be straight with me. I think my honesty is the most important thing even though sometimes it is the brutal truth,” said Bond

Although her daily schedule doesn’t leave a lot of free time, Bond enjoys being involved in FFA, FCA and BPA at McCurtain. 

As graduation draws near, Bond knows there will be new challenges in her future, but she will have the confidence to succeed thanks to her victories on the court and in life while growing up in McCurtain.

“To be a McCurtain Bulldog, you need to be a team player and work hard the whole time,” said Bond.

And those who know her best will attest that Katelynn Bond will stand tall and find a way to succeed because of her hard work.

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