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Tahlequah Area Cheer and Cross Country to Watch – Presented By Edna Sells Century 21


Emily Ramos – Hulbert

Emily possesses a bright smile, loud voice, and insanely encouraging attitude.  She is a consistent motivator to the team. She is always complimenting the team and works incredibly well with everyone. Her work ethic not only in cheer, but also in school and life is unmatched. She has the ability to make everyone on the Hulbert Cheer Team, and Hulbert High School, feel accepted and they all know they have a friend for life with Emily. She is determined, strong, and her school spirit is untouchable.

Ellie Martin – Sallisaw

Ellie has a large impact on the team, on and off the mat. She has the most difficult skills on the team, the best attitude, a great mindset, and great dedication. She always gives her best effort, and always leaves it all on the mat, everytime.

Jacie Bennett, Meghan Bright, Hailey Dotson, Anna Kliest, Trinity Reed, and Hillary Smith – Tahlequah

These seniors lead with passion and heart. They have been committed and push the team to be their best. They are the first to arrive and last to leave.

Paisly Cantrell – Westville

Cantrell is a senior who has been a consistent and well-rounded athlete since the beginning of her cheer career. She is talented and driven. Paisly is also versatile in her sport. She is able to fill any position. While she mainly is a flyer and skill tumbler, she is also able to base, backspot, lead the crowd, and anything else we ask of her. She is a multi-sport athlete, works a job after school hours, and maintains a great GPA.

Boys Cross Country

Tucker Friend – Keys

Tucker is a sophomore that worked hard over the summer. Tucker never medaled at a meet last year and so far this year, the team has run at three meets and he has medaled at all three. The most recent being the Inola Meet where he trimmed over 4 minutes off of his time from last year.

Braydon George  – Stilwell

He works hard to continuously improve. He recently placed 14th at Siloam Springs.

Girls Cross Country

Taylor Petree – Keys

Taylor is a junior this year. She finished 16th at the state meet as a sophomore and that has really driven her coming into this year. Taylor is a tough runner with a strong competitive nature and a big heart.

Emily Cruz  – Stilwell

The junior placed second in Class 5A last year, coming back right after an injury. Expect her to have a solid season.

McKenna Hood Tahlequah

Hood is a solid athlete that is always working.

Underclassmen to Watch


Karsyn Shankle – Hulbert

Karsyn has been an extreme asset to the Hulbert cheer team. Although she has competed in competitive cheer for years, this is her first year to cheer at school. Karsyn’s profound dedication and positive attitude have been unmissable this year. She willingly covers any positions that may need to be filled whenever necessary.

Casey Brackett – Sallisaw

Casey comes in, gives all her effort, and does it all with a smile on her face. She is growing and learning new skills all the time, and is a great asset to the team.

Dynashia Bailey – Tahlequah

Dynashia is a freshman and has stepped into the role of main base and has never looked back. She gets hurt, gets right back in and tries again. She does anything needed for the team. She has a big future ahead of her.

LakeLynn Bigby – Westville

LakeLynn is a multi-sport freshman with a background in competitive dance and cheer. Coming in as a freshman, there were many aspects and skills that were assigned to LakeLynn for the first time, and she attacked those tasks, overcoming fears, and excelling in a major way to build up her team. LakeLynn is versatile and able to fill many different positions within cheer. She is reliable to fill in any spot that is needed from her.

Boys Cross Country

Tae Muskrat – Keys

Tae is a freshman with a lot of athletic ability. He is improving at every meet and is set to have a great finish to this year.

Girls Cross Country

Elizabeth Holland – Keys

Elizabeth is a sophomore that has battled some injuries early in the season this year but is working her way through those and should be ready to finish the season strong.

Allie Miller – Stilwell

Allie is a sophomore that is finding her place. She works hard and strives to be the best.

Unsung Heroes


Savannah Beaver – Hulbert

Beaver carries a contagious smile on her face everywhere she goes. She works ridiculously hard and it does not go unnoticed. Her work ethic is not only evident during practice, but outside of practice as well. She is always willing to help others out with their cheers during practice. She is truly a one-of-a-kind, determined individual.

Tilly Wyrick – Sallisaw

Tilley does not always like the spotlight, but she still shines bright wherever she is. She is one of the hardest workers on the team, has a great attitude, and is oftentimes embarrassed to be bragged on even though it is totally deserved. Tilley is a great asset to the team.

Anna Kliest – Tahlequah

She has not cheered since she was a freshman and she is now a senior. The team had a vacancy and she stepped up and helped. She has added great work ethic to the team and she has added skill and she is a calming presence. 

Alondra Pedraza – Westville

Pedraza is a multi-sport athlete that also carries an impressive GPA. Alondra is a flyer and tumbler, and excels in all aspects of cheer. Alondra works hard, pushes herself, and continues to achieve new skills. She is one to watch because she is very quiet and reserved until she hits the mat or sideline. Then her skill and personality really shines. Alondra’s team can always count on her to do her job, and do it well.

Boys Cross Country

Grant Stricker – Keys

Grant is a senior that had run early in his high school career but decided to sit out last season. However, he decided last spring to come back for his senior year, put in a lot of work over the summer, and has really been a solid runner and leader for the team this year.

Girls Cross Country

Riley Thomas – Keys

Riley is new to cross country. She is a freshman at Keys and she never misses a day, never complains, and you  never can tell if she’s having a bad day. She just comes in and works hard, wants to see her team and her teammates do well.

Perla Velazquez – Stilwell

She works really hard and always gives it 100% any time she runs.

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