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Stilwell’s Karly Eubanks – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Northeastern Health System

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly

And the dreams that you dare, oh why oh why can’t I

These well-known lyrics from the Wizard of Oz are seemingly a perfect match to explain the confidence and achievements of Karly Eubanks of Stilwell. As a cheerleader, a member of the golf team, in the classroom and in her hometown, the 2022 senior applies the advice she learned at an early age to find her success.

“My grandma told me ‘It always rains before a rainbow’ which reminds me that whatever storm you’re in is not forever, good things are waiting for you,” said Eubanks.

A two-time NCA All-American cheerleader, Eubanks is a four-year varsity cheerleader at Stilwell who continues to enjoy every moment of competition and team building.

“Despite what many may think, cheer is very physically and mentally demanding. The time spent running routines to ensure they are executed perfectly is very taxing on the mind and body,” said Eubanks. “But forming friendships and getting to attend all sporting events and cheer on my teams is priceless.”

As the captain of this year’s squad, Eubanks knows there’s only one way the group can be successful.

“The success of a routine is not dependent on one person, but instead the whole team and the work each individual puts forth in their role.”

Eubanks resume of accomplishments includes earning a 4.3 GPA to rank in the top of the Class of 2022 where she will graduate with honors and have earned 21 hours of college credits. 

Crediting the inspiration of her great-grandmother for being deeply rooted in her faith and how to handle any situation, Eubanks replied with three words when asked for a definition of her success.

“Hardworking, committed and encouraging are invaluable,” she said with confidence. “Having an encouraging attitude is most important not only in your sport but also outside your sport. It is important to not only encourage others but also yourself.”

Eubank’s self-description is spot on according to her cheer coach at Stilwell High School.

“Karly is a one-of-a-kind young lady, a very caring student who leads by example,” confirmed Gena Kirk. “In addition to all of her awards, I would want everyone to know that her God always comes first as she cares for her family and friends.” 

It’s what Eubanks defines as making character count.

“It’s how you prove the importance of character in your life because it all stems from your morals, habits, and motives. It is a reflection of you as a person and your personality.”

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