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Okay Volleyball Athlete Spotlight – Alex Collins – Presented By Nissan Of Muskogee

It’s not often that you find a sophomore who can be a step up and take-charge person. But by default, and because of her abilities, Alex Collins is that person for the Okay Lady Mustangs volleyball team.

“I think the good thing about Alex is that she comes in with some varsity playing experience,” said her coach (and mom) Andrea Collins. “We only have one other player who has any type of varsity experience and she just played on the front row.
Alex understands the pace of the game, how it’s going to go and what needs to be done to pull out a win and she puts a lot of pressure on herself to make that happen. By virtue of her experience and that fact we only have three upperclassmen on the team, Alex is a team leader, and the rest of the squad really listens to her and tries to follow her lead.”

And as you listen to Alex talk, you sense she takes that role seriously.

“I know the pressure is on me because I have the most experience and sometimes it plays a little on me mentally, but I also feel I can take control of the court and show everybody their position and what needs to be done and how it needs to be done,”
said Collins who also plays basketball, softball, runs cross country and is involved in FCCLA for Okay.

Another area of learning this year has been handling the dynamics between coach/mom and player/daughter.

“We actually had this conversation just the other night,” said the coach. “I told her that when we’re in the heat of the game I’m coach and you can’t take what I say personally just like you wouldn’t from any other coach. But after the game I’m
mom and I can tell you I’m proud of you and what a great job you did. I probably hold her to a higher standard than the other players because she is mine.” There are adjustments in this dynamic for Alex as well.

“The mother/daughter thing is definitely hard sometimes because some of the comments she makes she would also make to anyone else on the team but I tend to take them a little harder that I should.”

Okay has had a string of talented hitters over the past years and two of them have served as role models for Alex.

“I really admired Bailey Walters and Lexi Erb who played here last year. I learned a lot being around them.”

Though she’s young, Alex already has a highlight moment.

“Going to state last year as a freshman was a really big accomplishment. I was super nervous, but it was great getting to playing in front of big crowd like that.”

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