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McCurtain’s Bailey Bennett – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Compassion Home Care

Making a move to a new community especially when you’re going into high school can be a difficult transition. As an athlete you have to earn your spot, not just for playing time but also for a fit into the team chemistry. It’s something that Bailey Bennett has made the best of thanks to her gentle spirit and the open arms of her teammates.

Bennett moved to McCurtain entering her sophomore year and has created opportunities for success on the basketball court, softball field as well in the classroom and the Haskell County community.

“I’ve had so many great moments and I have to thank Coach (Bryan) Schlekeway and all my teammates for that,” Bennett said with a happy voice. “From goofing off in practice, to uplifting each other in the games and off the floor, this has been an incredible journey I will remember for the rest of my life.”

While wearing jersey number 22 for the Lady Bulldogs, Bennett has been a welcomed addition to the lineup.

“Bailey has played a support role for us the past two seasons. When we’ve needed her, she’s come through as a good shooter, especially at the free throw line,” commented coach Schlekeway. “She’s an excellent student and an awesome person off the court.”

Bennett believes that her “drive” has been the best part of her game while playing her favorite sport.

“I’m a competitor that tries to make the most of my abilities through my mentality to never to give up. I feel like it’s super important to have that on the court and really in all other aspects of life.”

Her drive to succeed is evident in the classroom where Bennett owns a 4.13 GPA and number one ranking in her class. Recognized as being outgoing and ambitious on the court and while playing second base in softball, Bennett strives to be a difference maker through a caring spirit.

“One word can make or ruin someone’s day, so you should always try to be uplifting and kind even in the toughest situations,” explained the 2023 senior-to-be. “Being someone who is reliable and honest is also important. I want my teammates to have confidence in me on the floor just like I want them to trust me in my everyday life. I want to be someone they can rely on and trust in all things.”

Whatever the challenge, Bennett sees every situation as an opportunity while following the encouraging words of her coach.

“Before every game he has a certain saying…you can only control your attitude and effort,” said Bennett. “I feel like this also relates to my life. If you always try your hardest at least you know you never gave up.”

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